Building Reading Comprehension Strategies

Kidbiz 3000 has made an incredible difference in my daughter's reading comprehension abilities. When her teachers have asked me what we've been doing to improve, I've told them we've been working in KidBiz every night!

Hard Work Pays Off

I needed to write this review of KidBiz 3000 because I firmly believe it made the most difference in my daughter’s reading comprehension. When she was in preschool she tested for a private school for kindergarten and scored a 70 out of 100 for reading. In third grade she started using KidBiz 3000. It was only recommended to be done once a week. Upon my review of the program I had my daughter doing it everyday. She then retested for that same private school and received her test score…96 out of 100 for reading comprehension! She was admitted into a very prestigious school.

I have recommended this program to so many parents. Even my daughter’s teachers have asked what we are doing and I tell them KidBiz 3000 every night. Parent who’s children already attend a private school are asking me about it and wanting to sign up. I can’t say enough great things about this program. I strongly feel that because her reading comprehension is excellent it helps her in all subjects. In fact, her math score for that private school was also a 96! Please continue to educate our children and I will continue to educate parents and teachers.

Story by Wendy Webster Saelua

Parent, Bethune Elementary School, Broward County Schools

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