Differentiated instruction that sparks success in adult reading comprehension, writing and vocabulary.


Improved literacy is as much of an imperative for adult learners as it is for 2-12 learners. As the need to comprehend increasingly complex information grows in the post-secondary education and the workplace, many adults are challenged to keep up. That’s why Achieve created the Spark3000® differentiated instruction solution.

Spark3000® works in much the same way as Achieve’s award-winning, proven-effective KidBiz3000®TeenBiz3000® and Empower3000™ solutions. By reaching students at their individual reading levels, and assessing progress continually, Spark3000 accelerates literacy gains that translate into greater ability to make career and workforce gains. Because it’s accessible 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection, Spark3000 provides the convenience and flexibility adult learners require.


  • Proven path to achievement. Spark3000 utilizes the same Five-step Literacy Routine that works so well in Achieve’s solutions for grades 2-12
  • Ongoing assessment and content adjustment. Spark3000 utilizes Achieve’sLevelSet™ assessment tool to benchmark learners’ reading comprehension of informational text. Achieve’s content engine then self-adjusts content based on ongoing assessment — leading learners to higher and higher comprehension levels
  • Perfect fit for post-secondary Developmental English programs.  Find out what post-secondary institutions know world-wide: give incoming students Spark3000 gives them the literacy acceleration they need to be prepared for the rigors of their coursework.
  • Exclusive Workforce Readiness Curriculum.  Spark3000 includes 25 lessons designed to provide adult learners with the tools they will need to enter and navigate the workforce successfully. The Achieve3000 Workforce Readiness Curriculum includes lessons that support four main categories of workforce readiness.
  • Engagement and motivation. Because differentiated instruction matches each individual’s ability — and because the daily non-fiction subject matter relates to learners’ lives — engagement is immediate and motivation remains high
  • Aligns to all key standards. All content and reports are aligned to NRS/EFF, CASAS and state standards. Spark3000 even automatically notifies instructors when students have progressed to re-take TABE or CASAS
  • Spanish-language support. Spanish language support, based on learners’ English language Lexile/reading levels, enables English language learners to work independently and make significant and steady progress

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