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Success on New High Stakes State Assessments Starts with Daily Rigor

New high stakes state assessments are changing the types of text students read and raising the rigor of those texts and item types to challenging new levels. What is the big change? Students must read proficiently at a level previously expected of students two or three grade levels above. Students need daily practice interacting with informational text and increased text complexity to prepare effectively for new assessments—traditional, quick fix test prep a few weeks before the test is no longer the answer. Only Achieve3000 gives you the balanced instructional framework that you can implement today to make the shift towards the new rigor of new high stakes state assessments.

Build Stamina and Strength Daily for Assessment Success

Daily use of Achieve3000 helps students build stamina by working with non-fiction text precisely matched to their Lexile® level.  In the same lesson, students build strength by reading more complex, grade-level text at “Stretch” level.  Under teacher direction, students interact with targeted portions of this “Stretch” text for an explicit purpose: responding to a written prompt. Repeated readings with the Stretch texts help students build strength with complex text and develop close reading to use when they encounter text that is beyond their comprehension level. And because it’s from Achieve3000, all level of learners from RtI to ELL to Gifted and Talented to students in content-area courses accelerate literacy gains and prepare for assessment success.

The Exclusive Achieve3000 Five-Step Routine

Students need daily practice with text at their independent reading level to develop reading strategies and to provide access to grade-level content. Achieve3000’s exclusive 5-Step Literacy Routine is designed to build the skills for close reading of informational text with the explicit purpose of finding the evidence necessary to respond to a written prompt. Students begin the routine by working with text at their independent reading level. While reading, they identify and incorporate evidence needed for a response to a Thought Question using Achieve3000’s Reading Connections and digital highlighting tool to annotate text. Research shows that when students complete on average two lessons per week, they can expect to more than double their expected Lexile gains, accelerating their readiness for test day.

Exclusive Achieve3000 Bonus Lessons

Achieve3000’s exclusive Bonus lessons are built to provide greater Depths of Knowledge, giving students the critical practice they need for assessment success. Whether preparing for the Reading, Science, or Social Studies assessments, students can use the Bonus Lessons to engage in longer readings at their Lexile levels. This helps students build their stamina for reading less complex text with higher word counts.  Additionally, these lessons prepare students to interact with different sources of information like they will encounter on the state test. With text-based selections as a starting point, Bonus lessons include alternate forms of information, including graphs, charts, timelines, and maps. All lessons in Achieve3000 are aligned to your state standards so teachers and administrators can forecast student readiness as they approach the test day.

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