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Meet the needs of emerging, developing, and long-term English language learners with a variety of ELL instructional models.

Meeting the Needs of English Language Learners at All Levels

English language learners (ELLs) are accountable to the same college and career readiness goals, which require comprehension of complex content and text. There is, however, because of the range of student proficiency levels, a dearth of rigorous, grade-level materials that will prepare ELLs for those demands.  Achieve3000® has the only solution that is able to prepare students for the rigor of grade-level content and text because of its unrivaled level of differentiation, which meets the needs of every student at his/her particular proficiency level. Achieve3000’s unique instructional routine allows students to:

  • Work independently on a grade-level topic that is precisely matched to their Lexile® level. This preliminary work allows English learners to build reading strategies, and it also prepares them for any whole-class, grade-level instruction that follows.
  • Teachers, implementing an instructional framework called Simple Rigor™,   follow the students’ independent work with instruction around the Stretch Article, an unprecedented opportunity for students to interact with the version of the same lesson written with grade-appropriate text complexity.

And, all Achieve3000 lessons revolve around topics in Science and Social Studies, ensuring that English language learners build discipline-specific and academic English across all subjects.

Achieve3000’s System of Acceleration

One of the greatest challenges faced by ELLs is the college and career demand to learn grade-level content written with grade-appropriate text complexity. With Achieve3000’s patented technology, students are always moving toward those grade-level demands. It starts with LevelSet™, the only Lexile assessment available for establishing a student’s comprehension for nonfiction text. Available in English and in Spanish, LevelSet scores are automatically input into the system so students are matched appropriately to text. As students work through the 5-Step Literacy Routine, the proprietary system monitors to detect when students are ready for greater text complexity and automatically adapts their levels. Additionally, through this routine, the system is gathering performance data, which teachers can use to identify skills deficits that can be targeted for small-group instruction.

Flexibility for Varying Instructional Programs for ELLs

A solution for English language learners must be able to accommodate the diverse models of instruction in school districts. Achieve3000’s English immersion (12 levels of differentiation), Spanish immersion (7 levels of differentiation), English with native language supports (12 levels of differentiation), and dual language options fit seamlessly into any district model and into any classroom implementation.  Keeping in mind the need for instruction to reinforce specific gaps in reading comprehension, vocabulary, writing, language, and listening/speaking, Achieve3000 has customized rotation models, which highlight the role of individual work, as well as whole- and small-group instruction.  Exceptional learning and teaching scaffolds are incorporated into every lesson to address the varying proficiency needs of ELLs.

Building an Achieve3000 Model that Incorporates Vocabulary, English Language Development and Listening/Speaking Skills

Achieve3000’s independent 5-Step Literacy Routine focuses on developing reading comprehension and writing skills. With ELL populations, though, it is critical to layer additional elements of instruction to address specific needs of students who are new to the language. Whether it be English language development lessons, a complementary vocabulary routine, or Listening and Speaking guidelines for use with the Poll and the Thought Question, and more, Achieve3000 has what you need to differentiate your instruction to the proficiency levels of every student. These instructional tools are unmatched in their ability to help you customize your whole-and small-class instruction. Given Achieve3000’s exclusive emphasis on nonfiction content and vocabulary, your ELLs will not miss out on the essential grade-level instruction in Science and Social Studies classes.

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