Literacy in the Content Area

Literacy Scores Soar with Science and Social Studies at the Core

Give your Students More Time on Task

Yes, it’s true. “Practice makes perfect.” Research shows that the more time students spend reading, the better readers they become. But how can you create more time for reading? How can you give your students more time on task? Achieve3000® can help. Implement Achieve3000’s literacy programs in your Science and Social Studies classes and give students more time to read!

Develop Literacy Skills and Content Area Knowledge at the Same Time

Achieve3000’s lessons focus on developing core literacy capacities. But they are also aligned to your Science and Social Studies/History curriculum. At the beginning of the school year, Achieve3000 provides your students with a customized course aligned to your state’s content area standards. (See your state alignment here.) Teachers can also search through our database to easily locate additional content that ties to what they’re teaching in Science and Social Studies. With more than 10,000 lessons in our archives, teachers will find rich content to match many of the topics they’re teaching in the content areas.

As students work through Achieve3000’s lessons, they are developing reading strategies while building content area knowledge and academic vocabulary.

Prepare for the Rigor of Complex Informational Text

Achieve3000’s five-step routine gives students opportunities to practice their reading strategies with ‘just right’ text. Each lesson centers on a non-fiction article that’s precisely tailored to each student’s individual Lexile® level.  Once students have acquired a base of knowledge by reading the Lexiled article, they progress to the Stretch version, which is written at grade level. This ensures that students get ample practice reading grade-level text, building the stamina and strength they need to read complex informational text.

Encourage Students to Dig Deeper

Each lesson in our Strategic Curriculum includes two types of readings: a contemporary issues article and “Dig Deeper.” This unique combination of grade-specific content helps students interact and compare across multiple sources and focus on citing the best evidence for their writing—just like they will encounter on rigorous, high-stakes assessments.

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