Achieve Select: the power of differentiated literacy instruction with the control you need.

Achieve Select

Parochial and yeshiva schools sometimes seek the ability to filter and control instructional content to ensure its relevance and appropriateness in their classrooms. They also sometimes seek solutions that don’t require or give students Internet access.

Now, with Achieve Select, a local, server-based solution requiring no internet connection, you can access pre-selected content that is chosen for its appropriateness to your students based on your beliefs and policies, while still achieving the proven, sustained gains in reading proficiency enabled by Achieve3000’s KidBiz3000®TeenBiz3000® and Empower3000™ solutions.*

In fact, with Achieve Select, students in grades 2-12 benefit from many of the same features and functions of these other Achieve3000 solutions. Through Lexile-based differentiated literacy instruction targeted to each individual learner’s level, students steadily advance in reading proficiency and skills mastery-and stay on track for success across the curriculum as well as in college and career.

Yet, Achieve Select provides only content tailored to you and your students’ needs (instead of all the daily current-events content that is provided in our other online solutions.) And it does not require an Internet connection for students. So you get the best of all worlds —unimpeded access to the most effective online literacy instruction and select access to content based on your own parameters and requirements.

With the Achieve Select you can:

  • Encompass the entire classroom — providing the same topics and lessons to all students while teaching students one-on-one at their individual levels
  • Establish students’ Lexile®/reading levels online using our LevelSet™ online assessment tool, and provide differentiated content based on each student’s level
  • Access pre-selected content that is right for your school, teachers, students and parents
  • Access powerful, easy-to-use reporting with real-time diagnostic data for teachers and administrators

*Currently, this solution is available only in the U.S.

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