Maintain the Gain With AchieveSummer

From summer school to summer independent practice, keep the learning going over the summer with Achieve3000.

Use Achieve3000’s effective literacy solution all summer long with AchieveSummer

Whether you are looking for a program for summer school, a core summer ELA program, or simply want to promote independent learning during the summer months, AchieveSummer provides engaging lessons to develop key reading skills and strategies and prevent summer learning loss.

A perfect fit for a variety of summer school models

  • A perfect fit for a variety of summer school modelsFlexibility is the key! Use the Achieve3000 patented model of online differentiated instruction to implement intensive intervention, blended learning model, or independent practice—including options for online or offline learning.
    • LevelSet reading placement test – determines a student’s precise Lexile® reading level
    • Grade-appropriate nonfiction – 100% high-interest, content-rich nonfiction, tailored to each student’s individual reading level
    • Home Edition access – a built-in system to strengthen the home/school connection
    • Search – teachers can use the Search functionality to assign additional content to ensure each student meets state and Common Core standards

Build academic vocabulary all summer long

  • Achieve Summer places particular emphasis on the acquisition of academic vocabulary, cross-disciplinary words, and independent exposure to and practice with level-appropriate words.
    • Targeted vocabulary instruction for pre-reading
    • Suggestions for supporting ELL students’ vocabulary development
    • Weekly lesson plan emphasizing vocabulary strategies
    • Student graphic organizers to support learning

For Current Subscribers: Home Access

Access to Achieve3000 over the summer months allows students to continually develop literacy from home! Renewing subscribers and provide their students with summer support for:


  • Engaging with the Achieve3000 Five-Step Routine
  • Practicing essential reading strategies
  • Responding to comprehension and vocabulary questions
  • Writing critically and on a daily basis

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